Numerology Calculator

Two stages of intuitive knowing are involved in any Kabbalistic reading.

  1. Firstly, there is the offer of ideas about a name on the more or less systematic translation of the name into numbers, according to the numerical values of its letters.
  2. Secondly, you open yourself to this offer of information, meditating upon and interpreting the semantic associations of these numbers.

This system is inherited, in part, from the Kabbalah, an ancient Hebraic mystical system in which it is appreciated that all letters have a numerical value, and things can be understood, beyond their physical or perceived nature, by the numerical values of the names we give to them. Essentially, names are appreciated as not mere accidents. Instead, names are appreciated as informed by, and formative of, the essential nature of things.


In the popular or Pythagorean system of numerology used here, calculation and interpretation are sensitive to the vowel, consonantal and total letter value of names. The ego, or self-known, idea of names is suggested by the vowels of the name. The persona, or outer and social, idea of names is suggested by the consonants of the name. The self, or overall potential, or essential and fundamental nature of what is named, is given by all the sounds, or letters, of the name.

It is usually useful to look both at the ultimate sum of these letters, and also the values that finally lead to this sum. As is conventional in popular numerology, these are returned, by the calculator, as a pair of numbers, separated by a forward-slash, e.g., 43/7, or 28/1. The ultimate sum (right of the forward-slash) suggests the numerological nature of the ego, persona and selfhood of what or whom is named, while the penultimate values suggest the ways that this nature is conditioned, and can be divined. A final "diagnosis" according to these values is really only the beginning of a meditative understanding of the essential nature of what is named.

Once you have appreciated the numerological value of a name, you might like to see how the name ends up with a truly Kabbalistic numeration, using the Kabbalah calculator.

Characterization and Rating

The numerology calculator automatically offers you a summary characterization, in words, based on the ultimate sum, and the penultimate values, of the ego, persona and self numerations. You can rate the accuracy of this characterization on a 7-point scale. Only one rating from you for any numeration for a particular name is accepted, and only 6 ratings altogether are accepted. Note that the order of the rating options is randomly reset on each numeration.